Our firm is unique as it offers all services from architectural design and throughout the construction stage. The client can engage Tecton Group for as little or as much work as they require.

Even with the flexibility in the scopes of works, Tecton Group enjoys the relationship formed with clients, to ensure any project is still built to a high standard with a complete turn key construction.

The collective effort of our diverse team boasts an award winning construction arm with 20 years of experience that provides knowledge on method and materials usage.

Having a background in design and documentation, our team is competent in translating the architectural drawings to a reality on site, always keeping the integrity of the original concept.

The company’s ideology for high quality and innovative thought deduces a superior product with attention to detail and finishes, with the goal of every project being yet another award winning one.

We used to build temples,
and museums are about as close as secular
society dares to go in facing up to the idea that a
good building can change your life (and a bad one ruin it)

Alain de Botton

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