By sculpting space whilst exploring influences of light, and natural surroundings, the team enjoys creating and presenting a unique design for each project. Concepts are conveyed through the effective use of 3D models or perspectives. This enables the client to visualise the design effortlessly and issues of concern of the client become evident for them early in the design process, rather than incurring unnecessary expenses to change the design during construction on site.

At the same time, the client’s lifestyle needs are met and surpassed with aesthetic beauty. Form and function coexisting harmoniously within the streetscape too.

The use, finishes and assembly of materials must compliment the architectural concept, and an intelligent design becomes the outcome.

The culmination of the client’s brief and the collective vision of the Tecton team produces the distinctive designs.

All architecture is shelter,
all great architecture is the design of space that
contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.

Philip Johnson

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